Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Framework is a strategy to increase family strength, improve child development and reduce child abuse and neglect. It is based on evidence that shows that families are best able to thrive when specific protective factors are strong in their own lives, their neighborhoods and their communities.


From the Center for the Study of Social Policy

These protective factors include:

Sign Symbol Parent Language Professional Language
#1 Stre-Families-symbol-1 Be strong and flexible Parental Resilience
#2 Stre-Families-symbol-2 Parents need friends Social Connections
#3 Stre-Families-symbol-3 Everybody needs help sometimes Concrete Support in Times of Need
#4 Stre-Families-symbol-4 Parents need to help their children communicate Social/ Emotional Competence of Children
#5 Stre-Families-symbol-5 Being a great parent is part natural, part learned Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development

The Goals of the Strengthening Families Framework are to:

  • Reduce risk and create best outcomes for children, youth and families
  • Recognize and support parents as decision makers and leaders
  • Understand and value the culture and unique strengths of each family
  • Acknowledge that families, communities, service systems and organizations are equally responsible for better outcomes for children, youth and families

The Wordsworth CUA works towards these goals through the following strategies:

      1. Value and nurture parents
      2.  Encourage friendships and mutual support
      3.  Strengthen parenting skills
      4.  Facilitate children’s social and emotional development
      5.  Link families to services and opportunities
      6.  Respond to family crisis
      7.  Observe and respond to early warning signs of child abuse or neglect